First Home Super Savings Scheme

Jack Weimer Business Services Accountant Business Services Have your smashed avocado and enjoy it too. Are smashed Avo brekkies hindering your first home deposit? The Government has heeded your call and introduced the First home super saver scheme (FHSS), an initiative to assist first home buyers getting into the housing market. The scheme allows you […]

Depreciation for small businesses

Natalie Lucas  Senior Accountant - Bishop Collins Business Services Appreciation for Depreciation The number of options a business has when calculating depreciation can at times be confusing. Thankfully, simplified depreciation rules are available for small businesses to use, making calculating your depreciation deduction that little bit easier. To qualify [...]

Clothing Claims Crackdown

Aleisha Hey Marketing Coordinator Bishop Collins ServicesThe Grey Area Of What You Can Claim On Clothes and laundry at tax time.The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is cracking down on work related clothing and laundry expenses this financial year. These expenses will be examined closely, especially for taxpayers whose claims don’t match the criteria, due to an increasing [...]

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